4 Boat Maintenance Skills You Should Know

Boat Maintenance

Get yourself familiar with these boat maintenance tips.

Being able to perform basic boat maintenance tasks is paramount to the boating experience. Keeping your boat in good aesthetic condition as well as at its top performance is a matter of personal responsibility, one that requires just a bit of work to make sure you get the most out of the experience. Below are four boat maintenance tips that you should know how to do yourself.

1. Try to Avoid Excessive Moisture

Keep a couple of towels on board so you can wipe down any surfaces that get wet to prevent excessive moisture from building up. Drying your boat off after you get back on shore is an important means of preventing waterline stains, but most moisture can have some negative side effects if left be. This can include saltwater causing corrosion, or some water causing mildew, so it’s generally a good idea to keep everything dry where applicable.

2. Be Aware of Oil Changes

Know what the oil requirements are for your boat, which can vary depending on the model and type of engine you’re working with. Getting a professional to change your oil for you is a great way to make the process easy, though you can do it yourself with an oil extractor pump, oil wrench, and a bit of practice. However, if you aren’t certain of how to change your oil, don’t try it anyways and just mess things up. Simply knowing when you need oil changes and taking it to a professional is enough.

3. Check Your Engine Before Outings

Before running your boat, go through a basic engine checklist. This includes checking the bilge and any hoses for leaks, taking a look at the fuel level, and checking your coolant level if necessary. Knowing what to look for when it comes to your engine can allow you to stop issues before they really become a problem.

4. Look for Corrosion

Metals on your boat are at risk of corrosion. Look at any metal attachments and see if there’s that all-too-familiar white crust developing. Be sure to check your engine, but any metal on your boat is exposed to risk, so it’s best to keep everything protected and as dry as possible. Underwater metals should be protected by an anode that will need to be replaced. If it is more than 50% wasted, go ahead and replace it.

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