4 Boating Mistakes You Should Always Avoid


Be sure you always avoid making these detrimental boating mistakes when you’re on your vessel.

While new boaters may tend to make more mistakes, even veterans with plenty of experience can mess up somewhere along the line. Some of these mistakes may even seem obvious to avoid, though it’s always good to brush up on what not to do so you don’t accidentally find yourself doing something that even you think is a silly mistake. Let’s take a look at these boating blunders that you ought to avoid making so you don’t end up hurting yourself, others, or just making an expensive mistake that is difficult to fix.

1. Putting Fuel into the Wrong Fill

There are few mistakes worse than filling your water tank with fuel. It’s dangerous, messy, and cleaning it is equal parts difficult and costly, not to mention you’ll feel pretty silly if you end up doing this. But let’s be realistic here: sometimes boat fills can look identical, and if you’re in a rush, you may hook up a fuel pump to the wrong one. Don’t be one of many who has fallen for this mistake.

2. Not Running Your Blower

Before starting your boat’s inboard engine, you should run your bilge blower to dissipate any vapors that may have accumulated in your engine compartment. If you don’t, it’s possible that ignition could cause a spark. This spark could then lead to an explosion or fire with some serious consequences. Always remember to slow down and take the time to run your blower first.

3. Not Securing Your Anchor

It might sound ridiculous, but it happens: some people just forget to secure their anchor lines. You don’t want your boat drifting away when you don’t expect it to. You don’t want to lose an anchor in the middle of the water, either. Double check all your anchor lines before you find yourself in an embarrassing predicament.

4. Speeding Towards a Dock

Approaching a dock too quickly is risky and unnecessary. Take your time, adjust for the wind and current, and pull in slowly. Otherwise, you risk hurting yourself, passengers, or just causing property damage. Remember, never approach a dock faster than you are willing to hit it!

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