4 Environmentally Friendly Boating Tips


Environmentally-friendly boating can boil down to the simplest things like what cleaning products you use. Try out these tips to keep the environment from being harmed.

Being able to enjoy the environment on our boats also means taking the time to ensure you’re treating that environment properly and being a good steward of the waters so future generations can enjoy boating as much as you do. There are many eco-friendly boating options or practices that aren’t costly and mostly just require you to be aware. Some of these practices can even save you from time-consuming cleaning and maintenance, so it’s worth looking into these four environmentally friendly boating tips.

1. Using the Right Cleaning Products

For us neat freaks, it’s easy to go overboard with cleaning products, but we must remember that traditional household products can cause damage to fish and create algae blooms. Try biodegradable, environmentally-friendly alternatives instead. Start by scrubbing and rinsing your boat after every trip and covering your boat between uses. This regular maintenance means won’t need to use as many cleaning products anyway. It is best to clean often using as little soap as possible, which will prevent the need to use harsh chemicals to deep clean neglected areas.

2. Sewage Awareness

Be aware of no discharge zones within the Bay and discharge sewage three-miles away from the shore. If you’re within the three-mile range, you must make sure you are treating your sewage. Consider installing a gray water tank as well, which can make onboard water management much easier. Gray water tanks are not currently necessary in the Bay, but more waterways are requiring them each year. Try to use on-shore facilities like showers, sinks, and laundry as much as possible. When aboard, use as little water as you can when showering or doing the dishes to aid in water conservation.

3. Managing Trash

You may be bringing a lot on-board with you and whatever you bring with you should go home with you, too. Even small things can end up being harmful to fish or even your boat, so don’t dump waste into any water. Make sure your guests are all educated on this and are aware of where trash containers are. Ensure you are storing trash properly so it doesn’t end up getting blown overboard.

4. Do Preventative Maintenance

If your engine lines or hoses end up developing leaks, that’s not only bad for your boat, but for the environment as well. Regularly replace gaskets and seals if possible to reduce the risk of leaking. Never pump oil or fuel overboard. Oil absorbent pads and oily water sensors are available at marine stores which are intended to prevent accidental discharge.

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