4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Seeking Boat Repairs

Boat Repairs

Avoid any pitfalls by asking yourself these big questions before seeking out boat repairs.

Before heading out for boat repairs, it’s important to know what’s in your budget, what you really need, and how to prioritize maintenance. Even if you have identical boats and repair lists as someone else, you may not end up needing the same amount of service or spending the same amount of money. Be sure to ask yourself these important questions before you invest in boat repairs.

1. How Are You Using Your Boat?

Where are you taking your boat? Are you cruising offshore, getting out of sight from land, or generally staying near the shoreline? Knowing how much you use your boat—and how you utilize it—can inform the maintenance process.  

2. How Perfect Should Things Be?

Some repairs are purely aesthetic and may not actually impact your cruising plans, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth investing in. At times, you may need to strike a balance between performance and looks, but it depends on how you’re using your boat and what you need from it.

3. How Can You Handle Issues on Your Own?

Do you have quite a bit of experience with maintenance? Are you the kind of person who loves tackling DIY projects? Or do you just want to sit back and enjoy your boat without any of the headaches that can come with it? If you’re confident in your own skills to handle things on the fly, you may not need as regular maintenance as someone who isn’t so confident in what they do. Just remember that skills are only worth their salt if you can do them in the worst conditions: if you aren’t able to perform maintenance in rough weather when things are going awry, which most people can’t, you ought to invest in regular maintenance before problems get too bad.

4. How Often Do You Cruise?

If you’re planning on being out on the water for half of the year, losing a week because you need repairs may not be a big deal. Some people only get to go out for four weeks out of the year though, so it’s important to plan your boat repairs around when you’re going to actually be taking advantage of your boat.

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