4 Tips For Properly Maintaining the Fiberglass On Your Boat

Fiberglass Repair

Keeping your boat in pristine condition sometimes means looking into fiberglass repair. However, we have some tips for maintaining your fiberglass and keeping it looking right.

Whether your fiberglass has been damaged cosmetically or even structurally, Tidewater can help get it back to mint condition. With that in mind, however, some basic preventative maintenance can prevent your fiberglass from getting to that point. Let’s take a look at four tips for properly maintaining your fiberglass to keep it in stunning condition so you don’t need to rely on fiberglass repair services.

1. Develop a Schedule

Maintaining fiberglass isn’t actually all that difficult, but it does need to be done consistently in order to be effective. You may want to set up a maintenance calendar and keep any supplies you will need on hand. Make sure you’re checking for problem signs and routinely performing inspections for signs of wear or even structural failures.

2. Regular Washing

By preventing the buildup of saltwater and dirt, you’re also preventing serious long-term damage that could develop. When cleaning your fiberglass, you want to avoid the use of heavy abrasives in your cleaning solution, which could cause damage in and of themselves. For basic cleaning? All you really need is warm water and some marine soap.

3. Get Waxing

After you wash your fiberglass, it’s time to apply some wax to give it a sheen and help keep the surface protected from damage. This prevents the fading of paint from the sun and stops any kind of discoloration that may occur as a result of exposure to water and salt. You may also use a power buffer, but be sure you aren’t digging into the fiberglass too hard, which could be damaging.

4. Address Cracks Quickly

If you’ve been sailing through rough water or have beached your vessel, you may have developed some small cracks in your fiberglass. If left unaddressed, those cracks can develop into a much more serious problem, which will then call for a fiberglass repair professional to step in. You may be able to repair the cracks yourself by using a gelcoat repair kit, however, the root cause of the crack often lies within the fiberglass laminate. If this isn’t effective, then, it’s time to visit a boatyard and work with someone who really understands fiberglass repair and can get your fiberglass back into pristine condition.

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