4 Tips For Refueling Your Boat


Whether you’re experienced or not, try to keep these refueling tips in mind when filling up your boat.

Refueling your boat can be expensive and a bit stressful, making it a frustrating time for many people. Beyond that, there are a few mistakes that are easy enough to make. Whether you’re an inexperienced boater or you’re just looking for some tips that you may not have heard before, give these four refueling ideas a shot and see if they improve your experience.

1. Be Aware of Your Fuel Tank’s Size

It’s always important to know just how much fuel you need to fill up your tank. While a fuel gauge is an easy way to check for this, it seems to be the case that fuel gauges are often unreliable and leave you with confusing information. Instead, just be sure that you know how big your tank is and have a ballpark range of how much fuel it takes to fill up your boat.

2. Avoid Topping Off

Fuel docks and marinas aren’t always quiet spaces and the noise may prevent you from hearing whether or not your tank is almost full. To be safe, just don’t bother topping off your tank. Part of this is because while fuel pumps for cars typically have pretty reliable automatic shut-off systems, that’s not always true for boat refueling pumps. Besides, that extra gallon or so isn’t going to get you all that far anyway.

3. Don’t Chalk Handles

Taking the time to refuel your vessel can be a lengthy process, especially if you’re refueling something that’s over 100 gallons. It may be tempting to jimmy the handle and leave it pumping while you step away, but this is a bad idea. In the case that you begin to spill or if there are any other issues, it’s important that someone is present to handle the issue quickly.

4. Avoid Fires

It should almost go without saying but it’s always good to have a reminder: make sure you’re shutting your engine off and remember not to smoke anywhere near the dock. Both of these behaviors can lead to fires and should be avoided.

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