5 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Marina


Take advantage of everything your marina has to offer with these tips.

Visiting a marina is a great resource, and just about a necessity, for anyone who owns a boat. Whether you need to fuel up, find repairs, or just take some time to stretch your legs, we’re all aware of what a marina can do for us as boat owners. Still, your time at your favorite marina is likely going to be limited—so it’s important to get the most out of the experience. Here are some tips for getting in, getting what you need, and then heading back out on the water after your marina visit.

1. Ready Your Docklines and Fenders

Make the docking process easy for yourself and others by preparing ahead of time. Any of your docklines should be cleated and ready for a dockhand. Fenders should be in place, and a spare or two ready to pop in by hand if you find yourself about to bump the dock to prevent things from getting rocky.  Remember: don’t stop your engines until all of those lines are securely tied.

2. Call Ahead

Before getting to your favorite marina, call ahead on a working channel. This allows you to ask for a slip assignment or any current factors you should be aware of, such as weather conditions, channel markers, or even which side of your vessel you should have lines ready on. Taking the time to call ahead makes everything easier for both parties.

3. Think About Others

Just remember that you’re not the only person using the marina’s services and spaces, so it’s important that you respect others and they will do the same for you. Basic kindness goes a long way: don’t yell loudly, don’t play loud music, keep pets secure, and respect any quiet hours that the marina may have. This kind of mutual respect for the space is essential in everyone being able to take advantage of the marina, but it’s also part of cultivating a healthy boating community.

4. Read the Rules

Every marina has its rules and it’s your responsibility to brush up on them. Take the time to understand them once you check in and make sure your crew knows all of the rules as well. Serious offenders who violate rules will eventually find themselves evicted from the marina, though things shouldn’t have to get to that point. Just respect the rules and things will be fine.

5. Do Your Research

If you really want to take advantage of a location, research the area and what the marina has to offer before you arrive. Knowing what the locality can offer like historic sights, restaurants, or local transportation goes a long way in having an enjoyable stay.

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