Answered: 8 Essential Questions To Ask Your Yard

Take a look at our response to some big questions from Boat U.S. Magazine about what to ask your yard about the hauling process.

In a recent issue of Boat U.S. Magazine, there was an article, The Big Haul, discussing tips and what to expect before, during, and after a haul out. There is lots of great information within and I recommend you check it out over at the Boat U.S. archives by clicking here.

The article ends with 8 essential questions to ask your yard. Tidewater has been hauling boats in our Baltimore location for over 30 years and has our process down to a science. However every yard does things a little different so I wanted to provide you with our answers to Boat U.S.’s questions:

What’s the cost of Hauling and Launching?

Tidewater has two haul out services: Short Haul and Haul and Block.

  • A short haul includes the haul out, pressure washing the bottom, up to two hours hang time in the slings, and relaunching the boat.
  • A haul and block includes the haul out, pressure washing the bottom, blocking the vessel including blocks and stands*, and relaunch.
    • *Stands for extreme deep draft sailboats have an added charge as these require special handling. For boats drawing over 10 feet, please speak with a service advisor regarding any extra charges that may be required.

Our Haul Out charges are billed by the foot per the manufacturer’s stated length. Current rates can be found here. By including the full round trip one upfront charge, you will never be hit with a surprise launch fee when you’re ready to go back in the water. The only items not included are storage/lay days and labor to scrape and dispose of heavy bottom fouling. 90%+ of the vessels we haul in a year do not incur this charge, but if it has been over a year since your last haul out, or you can see a buildup of marine growth, please speak with a service advisor as to what we may find when the vessel is hauled out.

Can I Work On My Boat Myself?

YES! Tidewater is a DIY friendly yard. We do have certain requirements in place to ensure we meet the environmental standards set forth by the Federal Government and the State of Maryland, as well as to ensure those around you have a clean space to work on their vessels as well. These are found in the Marina Rules you will be given before your haulout. If you are planning on working on your vessel while it is on the hard, I encourage you to speak with your service advisor beforehand regarding your projects so that they can go over any considerations you will need to take into account before you start the work. Also, our insurance forbids anyone other than a TYS employee or a Marine Surveyor from working on a vessel while it is in the travel lift slings. As such, any DIY work must be done during a haul and block, not a short haul.

Are There Any Lay Days Included?

No. Tidewater does not charge for storage/dockage when TYS is actively working on your vessel. If you wish to extend your stay after TYS has completed our work, or if you are a DIY customer, lay days are billed daily at rates posted here.

Is There A Fee To Bring My Boat To The Haulout Well, And How Much Is It?

NO! While we encourage you to be present for your haul out so that you can let our crew know about any underwater equipment or special handling considerations your vessel requires, we understand that you may have obligations that prevent you from spending your days at the yard. As such, if you need to drop the boat off a day or two early, we will be more than happy to tow you into the lift well using our custom built push boat “Chopper.” We will also return your boat to one of our service slips so you can pick the boat up after hours if desired. This is all done free of charge as we consider it part of the haul out.

Does The Cost Include A High Pressure Wash Down?

Yes! Our haul out charges includes pressure washing the bottom. There is an additional charge to remove and dispose of heavy bottom fouling if required. See question 1 for more details.

Where Will You Put My Boat?

This will depend on the season, how long you plan to be out of the water, as well as what work you will be having TYS perform. In peak season we may move your vessel at our expense mid stay if needed in order to access vessels around you. We have water and power throughout the yard, but you may be several boat lengths away, especially in peak seasons. TYS does not have loaner extension cords so please come prepared if power will be needed. If you will be working on the vessel yourself and need access to certain amenities, please let your service advisor know beforehand so we can place you in the ideal location.

Additionally we do provide a hand full of yard ladders; however, I encourage you to bring your own if possible. The yard ladders all have blue padding on them and are available on a first come, first served basis. You may find that the ladder you left next to your boat in the afternoon is now on the far side of the yard when you return the next day. By bringing a ladder from home, you can tie it off to your vessel and ensure it will always be right where you left it. Yard ladders are communal and may not be tied off, locked, or otherwise “reserved” when you are not onboard.

For winter storage, it is important to let your service advisor know both your expected haul out and launch dates as this allows us to place your vessel in a location that minimizes the number of boats that need to be repositioned in the spring. While we understand that plans change, we reserve the right to charge fleet charges if we need to move other vessels to access yours if you wish to leave well before your expected launch date.

Can I Bring In Outside Contractors?

Tidewater is a full service boat yard and we would appreciate the opportunity to perform any work you wish to have completed. However we understand that there are some jobs we do not specialize in, or you may have some warranty work that needs to be completed which Tidewater is not certified to perform. As such, we do allow outside contractors, as long as they carry the correct insurance coverages required by our insurer. If you wish to have an outside contractor perform work while your vessel is at Tidewater, I encourage you to discuss the job with your service advisor beforehand and ensure that your contractor sends their insurance information to us ahead of time. There is also a $2/ft/day storage charge for each day an outside contractor works on your vessel.

When Will My Boat Be Re-launched?

Tidewater makes every effort to get your vessel back in the water as quickly as possible. For projects being completed by TYS we will closely track the progress of the job and hold a launch window open for the completion of the job. For DIY or long term storage customers, please let your service advisor know your expected launch date as early as possible. This will allow us to hold a spot for your launch. Don’t worry if things change, there are no fees for postponing your launch, but keep in mind the next available launch spot may be a few days away, especially in peak season.

So there you have it, the ins and outs of Tidewater’s answers to Boat U.S.’s haul out questions. If you have any further questions, please reach out to your service advisor and they can answer any concerns you may have. I look forward to seeing your boat on the hard soon, but can’t wait to see it go back in the water!

-Bill Brandon
Tidewater Yacht Service

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