David Howell at Tidewater Yacht Service since 2015

David Howell from Tidewater Yacht Service.

David Howell (pictured) began his 6 weeks of on-the-job training in the summer of 2015 at Tidewater Yacht Services in Baltimore, MD. Howell came from a background in graphic design and welding, but had a love for the water. He learned by word of mouth that through the Marine Trade Association of Maryland’s (MTAM) On-the-Job Training Program, he could start down a career path working on the water.

During a recent interview with MTAM, Howell recounted how he expressed to his supervisor his desire to learn more about the mechanical components of a boat. He began to spend his days shadowing the head technician and receiving specific instruction on mechanical matters. Today, Howell reports that his tasks at work are exclusively mechanical in nature. He plans to get a diesel technician certification in the near future and is pursuing a path to become a master technician.

Howell made a point to mention how much he appreciated his work environment. “You get treated well here — you don’t get that everywhere. I have had jobs where they just stick you in the back of a warehouse and you’ve never met the guy who signs your paycheck. You’ve only ever seen his name. It’s more like a community in this industry.”

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