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Welcome to our new blog! Tidewater Yacht Service has been providing boats of Baltimore with high-quality repair and maintenance services since 1987, having since tripled in size and increasing our capacity to take on any job. Thanks to the revitalization of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and number of tourist attractions, the area has become a popular boating destination within the Chesapeake Bay—hosting over 2,000 ships on a regular basis. This is why Tidewater Yacht Service saw an opportunity to offer quality services along the Chesapeake, backed by expertise and our investment in equipment, personnel, and continuing training. With that in mind, we’d like to take the opportunity to go into depth about some of our services and explore the work we are so proud to be doing.  


Backed by three decades of experience in hauling vessels of all shapes and sizes, we know how to treat your vessel with care and thoughtfulness. We have invested in two travel lifts as well as a 20,000lbs marine forklift, allowing us to accommodate vessels up to 83 tons and 101 feet long. Additionally, we have deep water haul out slips capable of accommodating vessels with up to 18’ of draft and 21’6’ of beam.

Because we believe in giving our full attention and service to every job, our haul-outs are done by appointment only. We also make sure that we understand everything about your vessel beforehand so as to take any and all factors into consideration when performing the job. Since we know how to handle everything from large trawlers to small runabouts, as well as everything in between, we’re passionate about offering our customers excellent service.

Systems Repair

Thanks to our team of ABYC-certified marine technicians, we’re able to perform a number of different systems repair services. Let’s break down our extensive portfolio of service options:

  • Bow Thruster Installation: Need to guarantee proper thruster installation? Work with Tidewater Yacht Service, where we have experience with both electric and hydraulic bow and stern thrusters, giving us an ability to match the right thruster to your vessel.
  • Air Conditioning: If you’re in need of a new air conditioning system for your boat, or just need to repair your current system, we’re able to evaluate your current needs and make sure your boat is properly cooled.
  • Refrigeration: Speaking of keeping things cooled, having proper refrigeration out on the water is often a necessity—and we’re able to help with everything from basic units to keep your lunch cold or full refrigeration units.
  • Cutless and Rudder Bearing Repair & Replacement: Bearings need to be replaced regularly which is even more so the case if you’re out on the water often. To be safe, invest in a seasonal inspection to prevent any issues from getting out of hand.
  • Autopilots: If your autopilot system is in need of repair, replacement, or recalibration, look no further than Tidewater Yacht Service.
  • Radars Fitted: Install a new marine radar system in your boat, such as the new Garmin Fantom radome and open array radars for excellent performance.
  • Marine Water Heaters and Sewage Systems: If you’ve decided it’s time to add a marine water heater to your system, let us know! In addition, we can repair or replace many kinds of marine sewage systems including problems related to marine heads, macerator pumps, holding tanks, Y-valves, and more.
  • Desalination Equipment: We are well-versed in a number of reverse-osmosis desalination systems. On top of that, we’re able to adjust a boat’s electrical wiring and capacity to run desalination equipment off of your engine.
  • Stabilizer Repair: It’s important to get that smooth sailing everyone loves which is why we’re happy to say we’re familiar with marine stabilizers and can perform maintenance or repair work on them.

Engine Repair and Maintenance

Thanks to our experience with all major brands of both inboard and outboard engines, we’re confident in our ability to not only assist in regular maintenance of your engines, but to repair any major issues as well. Our services include scheduled and preventive maintenance, repairs, installations, repowers, oil and fuel sample analysis, realignment, performance checks, and diagnostics.

An engine is a sensitive, critical component in your boat—which is why our technicians are certified to do warranty work on Northern Lights, Yanmar, and Mercury Mercruiser. Don’t let maintenance issues stack up and become a costly mistake later on. Instead, take the initiative to get your boat looked at and keep it in working order.

Electrical Work

We are experts when it comes to electrical services as well. It’s an unfortunate reality that many yacht owners end up getting too-good-to-be-true prices from inexperienced contractors who can end up doing serious damage to your boat. Our technicians have ABYC certifications and the years of experience to back their work up. Some electrical services you may need include: system networking, shore power, inverter installation, batteries and battery banks, solar power, alternators, regulators, and much more.

One of the most common electrical errors we see is undiagnosed ground faults that can cause your boat to go unpowered once plugged in at a new marina. This is a frustrating experience for many boat owners and can be somewhat difficult to detect, so it’s critical that you work with an experienced electrician who can help in finding the root cause of your problem.


With 50 years experience in marine painting, we are able to offer a huge range of services and options for local yachts. This includes everything from bottom painting, varnishing, cleaning, detailing, and spar painting. We also proudly take advantage of water-based antifouling paints that fit into the Maryland Clean Marina Initiative Standards. This prevents barnacles, slime, and algae from gunking up your beautiful ship and helps keep the Chesapeake Bay clean.


In need of fiberglass repairs? We are able to offer both cosmetic and structural fiberglass services. This includes hull repairs, like blister repair, delamination, cracking, keel repair or rebeding, and stringer replacement. It also includes deck repairs such as core replacement, crazing crack repair, non-skid repair, bulkheads, and chain plate repair.


We are staffed by knowledgeable sailors capable of performing full service rigging. This includes servicing custom masts, booms, and rigging for high performance racing. Dealing with sail handling systems, lazy jacks, running and standing rigging, or roller furling? Let our expert staff take a look at your issues and handle the heavy lifting.


Marine carpentry is uniquely set apart from standard carpentry, in that there are specific skills and techniques that apply to marine carpentry. Working with an experienced marine carpenter is a necessity in getting exactly what you want. A marine carpenter also has the experience to use the right materials like marine-grade plywood and won’t cut corners in making your vessel what you need it to be. Our services include:

  • Finishing carpentry
  • Cabinetry
  • Drawers
  • Raised edge trim
  • Finishing trim
  • Louvered doors
  • Holly-sole decking
  • Joinery
  • Custom fabrication
  • Damage investigation
  • Rub Rail repair
  • Handrail repair
  • Interior floor work
  • Teak work

Work with an experience marine craftsmen such as the ones we have here at Tidewater Yacht Service to ensure you get high-quality work done.

Slips and Storage

Our 2006 move to Port Covington has allowed us to an ideal location for keeping your boat. We have close access to I-95, plenty of free parking, and a location that’s outside of the 6 mph speed zone. This lets our customers get onto the water faster and enjoy the luxury of owning their own boat. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to make your stay at the dock anything less than amazing though, which is why we offer free wi-fi, a 24/7 spotless bath house, and reservation free use of our green space, BBQ area, and our famous “Nap Shak.” Our storage options include:

  • Rack Storage: Our move in 2006 allowed us to add rack storage to our services. Since then, we have added plenty more racks. Our service allows us to use our 20,000lbs. fork lift for boats up to 35’ and includes unlimited in/out service between April 1st and October 31st, giving you access to your boat when you need it.
  • Dry Sail: For anyone who doesn’t want to leave their boat in the water, consider dry sailing. Typically thought of as a storage option for sailboats, dry sailing is a suitable alternative to rack storage. Whenever you want to use your boat, we will launch it for you to enjoy and haul it back when you’re done.
  • Annual Slip Rental: Our facility offers both 40’ and 60’ slips as well as capacity for side ties to 200’. This, in tandem with o floating concrete docks capable of hosting any boat, means we have plenty of options to offer. Taking advantage of an annual contract also nets yourself a free haul and block as well as your choice of wet or dry winter storage.
  • Transient Slip Rental: We keep a number of slips around for transient use. This is because we are only a short ride into the middle of Baltimore and a short walk to Wal-Mart, making transportation a breeze. Need a quiet marine to spend a few nights but still want access to everything Baltimore has to offer? Tidewater is a fantastic option!

Reach Out to Tidewater Today!

If you’re in the greater Baltimore area and are in need of boat services, contact Tidewater Yacht Service at 410-625-4992 or by email at info@tysc.com. Our location is at 321 East Cromwell Street Baltimore, MD 21230. Get in touch with us today! Whether you need hauling, systems repaired, or storage, we have the experience and expertise to help. We’ve been providing our services to the Chesapeake Bay for over 30 years and know how to properly handle your vessel with care.

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