How to Go About Finding the Right Boatyard For You


Finding the right boatyard is a big investment and it’s important that you take the proper steps.

For any boat owner who really becomes enveloped in the hobby, there comes a point where your maintenance needs exit the realm of DIY and require some real professional help. Most people end up finding a local boatyard that they like to go to for these kinds of maintenance tasks, but there may also come a time when something breaks and you need to find a boatyard on the fly. Still, trusting someone to take care of and repair your vessel is a big investment and it’s the kind of investment that you don’t want to find yourself regretting down the road. Try these words of advice for finding the proper boatyard for you and your yacht.

Walk the Yards

Your first step is to take a look at their facilities and walk the yard. Some boatyards cater to a specific type of vessel and that may be a sign that they aren’t able to properly service yours, but it’s always good to ask as well and make sure the staff has some familiarity with whatever you’re sailing. Beyond that, you want to make sure the facilities are neat, clean, and well-maintained, as that’s a good indicator that the same care will be taken with your property as well.

Chat With Management

If possible, make an appointment to go over the services you need and be clear that your expectations are on the same level. Communication matters quite a bit when dealing with a boatyard and it’s good to make sure they understand your level of experience and what you expect out of it. Additionally, you want to understand what their certifications are and how their experience can lead to a positive interaction for both of you.

Clear Up Pricing

Depending on what work you’re getting done, you may have an estimate or a quote. Routine work like hull waxing is sometimes a flat-rate whereas less routine tasks typically come with an estimate because the extent of the work isn’t always clear from the get-go. Both of these methods of payment are standard, but nonetheless, it’s good to be clear on what’s expected of you upfront.

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