The 3 Types of Yacht Hull Designs Explained

Yacht Hull Design

Different kinds of yacht hulls perform differently on the water. There are three types you ought to be aware of.

The shape and size of a yacht’s hull is crucial to performance and how your vessel handles. There are a few different kinds of hulls out there, but knowing the basic physics behind your yacht can make the experience all the more enjoyable. While most of your time spent directly with your hull may be cleaning it, the difference in hulls is actually an interesting, useful set of facts to be aware of. Read on to find out the three types of yacht hull designs you may see.

Planing Hulls

These hulls allow the yacht to rise above the water and glide on top. They may act similar to displacement hulls when the vessel is at a standstill or idle speeds, but at faster speeds, the hull climbs towards the surface of the water. This also means planing hulls are more subject to the conditions of the water, sometimes giving a less-than-comfortable ride but at the tradeoff of being able to move a bit quicker. Planing hulls are also typically suitable for smaller yachts.

Displacement Hulls

Instead of gliding through the water, displacement hulls allow your vessel to cut through the water with minimal propulsion. They are called as such because when the boat is lowered into the water, the hull is displacing a certain amount of water. That remains to be the case even when the vessel achieves higher speeds. Large cruisers often have displacement hulls, which are rounder in shape than planing hulls. While cruising speeds are typically lower, stability is greater.

Semi-Displacement Hulls

Semi-displacement hulls are somewhere between the two previously discussed hull types. While they can achieve greater speeds than most typical displacement hulls, this does come at a cost of greater fuel consumption if you’re getting up to speed often. Offer a very comfortable experience when at anchor and for many people are the perfect medium between other options.

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