The Top Tips for Boating With Children

Boating With Children

When you’re out on the water with children on board, safety becomes especially important.

Taking your boat out on the water with the whole family can be a real blast, but there are also a lot of safety concerns and issues that can come about. It’s important to establish safety as being above anything else when aboard your boat, especially among children who may not be aware of all of the risks. Below are a few major tips to study up on before you let your children aboard your boat.

Establish Major Rules

By establishing simple, clear rules upfront, it’s much easier to avoid problems down the line. Wearing a life vest when onboard and not within an inside space should be absolutely necessary. It is also the law in most places, depending on vessel size. Running should be forbidden because slipping is an escalated risk. Never go swimming alone and always be sure there is at least one adult to supervise.

Keep Trips Manageable

The tempo of your trips should be adjusted with children in mind. Keep in mind that they may get bored and irritable on longer trips, so taking breaks to spend some time together is always a good idea. Finding more interesting destinations or sights to see is a great way to keep them engaged.

Health Tips

Bring aboard seasickness pills just in case anyone has an issue that they were unaware of. Sunscreen should be mandatory as well as staying hydrated. Dehydration can affect everyone, but children, in particular, tend to forget to drink water when they’ve spent a day swimming or lounging in the sun. The right snacks to stay energized are also essential.

Ensure They’re Engaged

Bringing along some forms of entertainment—books, games, gadgets—can go a long way in making trips with children more manageable. Give them some kind of task, like being on look-out duty or cleaning decks. Older children can take a turn at the helm even, provided they’re under supervision. Simple tricks like giving the children boat-specific titles, such as captain or navigator, can get them excited about being a part of the experience.


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