Tidewater Yacht Service is Now an Authorized Lumishore Dealer


We’re pleased to announce that Tidewater is now an authorized Lumishore dealer! Drop by the yard to see their marine LED lights in action.

We’re pleased to announce that Tidewater is now an authorized Lumishore dealer, a manufacturer behind high-quality underwater LED lighting solutions intended for marine applications. Backed by rigorous design and manufacturing processes, Lumishore products are reliable thanks to their onboard thermal protection, waterproof design, and high-output LED technology.  For anyone with an 8600 series Garmin MFD, you’ll be glad to know that some lights in the EOS and SUPRA systems are Lumi-Link compatible, allowing you to directly control the lights from your Garmin system. Lumishore engineers premium lights that stay synchronized and perform how you need them to, when you need them to, which is why we’re excited to be able to work with their products. Come stop by Tidewater’s yard to see Lumishore’s excellence in action with our TYS demo boat that’s outfitted with a set of SUPRA series SMX23s.  

ORA Series, Single Color

Lumishore’s ORA series are single-colored lights, ideal for small to medium sized boats and the brightest single-colored lights within a compact fitting available on the market. These lights give off up to 5,600 fixture lumens of light, all focused into a 60° or 110° beam, and come in three different colors: white, blue, or green. With an easy installation process and 50,000+ hours of use, there’s no going wrong with the ORA series of lights.

SUPRA Series, Dual Color

The SUPRA series offers “2-lights-in-1,” wherein blue and white lights are both housed in a single high-powered fixture without losing out on any brightness. The system has been tested against competitors and it’s up to twice as bright and twice as efficient. Compact mounting options are available and the SUPRA series can offer up to 17,000 fixture lumens of light in a large 90° or 110° beam.

EOS & RGBW, Color Change

The RGBW color change model can be controlled with an on/off switch, toggled to select a color or cycle colors. The EOS model offers full-featured EOS color change, has Wi-Fi control, “sound-to-light” entertainment, and synchronized strobe, sweep, or fade options when properly configured.

Different Mounting Options

There are four different mounting options available depending on your needs: Surface Mount, Thru-Hull, Superyacht Retro-fit, and Superyacht Weld-in.

  • Surface Mount: bronze LED lighting for small to medium-sized boats up to 50’. Just requires a small entry hole for the power cable when installing!
  • Thru-Hull: bronze LEDs that are great for highest output. Also has standard fittings through the hull. Interchangeable thru-hull models can be accessed from inside the hull and don’t require hauling or lifting if they need servicing.
  • Superyacht Retro-fit: offers an easy replacement for vessels that already have weld-in halide/HID/plasma or even just older-generation underwater lights. Easy to install and great for retrofitting.
  • Superyacht Weld-in: Weld-in fixtures offer a flush mount for steel and aluminum hull Superyachts. Slim, compact, modern designs.

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