What Can a Marine Carpenter Do For You?

Marine Carpenter

Working with a marine carpenter, someone who understands the needed materials and the conditions out on the water, is an important part of boat ownership.

With over five decades of marine carpentry experience under our belt, Tidewater Yacht Service is capable of getting the job done right and doing custom work to your specifications. With that said, what really sets marine carpentry apart from typical carpentry work? Boats need specialized builds done—this is in part because of the spacial limitations that often come with boats, but there’s also the component of carpentry work being exposed to sea conditions that require specific materials. At the end of the day, you want to ensure you’re working with a marine carpenter who understands and specializes in the field.

Specialized Materials

Marine carpentry encompasses a wide range of materials that go far beyond typical woodworking. This is because many of these other materials are used to mitigate the kinds of damage that can come about due to marine conditions. Some of these alternative materials include fiberglass and plastic, which your typical carpenter may not have experience working with.

Marine Conditions

In addition to the actual materials used, a dedicated marine carpenter will have experience with building for the conditions that your vessel will eventually be in. Anything that may be exposed to the elements, including salt water, humidity, sunlight, and intense storm conditions, must be made with that in mind so you don’t require extensive repairs regularly.

What Can a Marine Carpenter Build?

Marine carpenters are capable of building and working with a number of components that make your boat so special. When it comes to decking, they are able to replace, add, or fix the deck. Remember that many decks are made from teak and must stand up to the environmental factors when you need them to. A good marine carpenter realizes that your deck may suffer from significant wear and tear if not built or treated properly.

Another crucial element is the flooring on your boat, which is typically made from wood and can make or break the interior of your yacht. Wood is a traditional, luxurious aesthetic, but it’s also important that you work with a marine carpenter who can set your floors up for success and won’t leave you with the burden of having to perform extra maintenance. Another big aesthetic component of your boat may be your countertops, which must be installed in a structurally sound way, especially if you’re using granite or marble. Boats tend to flex but there’s no reason your countertops should. These are just a few of the big projects a marine carpenter can tackle, but there’s a world of options including handrail repair, finishing work, cabinetry installation, and more.

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