What to Know About Winter Boat Storage

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Improper winter boat storage can cause some serious damage to your vessel. Why should you store your boat on the hard during the colder months?

The weather is getting considerably colder as we barrel towards winter which means it’s time for boat owners to start thinking about winter boat storage. It’s best to prepare and ask the right questions now rather than later when it’s too late, so we’ve come up with some of the basics. Just remember that proper winter boat storage prevents long-term damage and, in the event that you choose a reputable and experienced boatyard like Tidewater, it can also include a much-needed seasonal tune-up for your vessel. Read on to find out more about why winter boat storage is so essential and how Tidewater brings a unique package to the table.

Why Store Your Boat On the Hard This Winter?

If you were to keep your boat on the water, this leaves the vessel open to storm damage that occurs as a result of changing water levels and high winds that are typical of winter weather. There are also huge risks associated with the accumulation of snow, which can eventually weigh a vessel down and cause it to float lower in the water than normal, potentially submerging fittings that aren’t normally underwater. This could result in undiagnosed leaks, leading to a flooded vessel. Additionally, damage can occur if ice forms around the vessel either due to crushing forces or if the boat impacts the ice edge because of wind or wave movement.

Aside from the kinds of damages that can result from winter weather conditions, there’s also the fact that storing your boat on the hard means you don’t need to regularly check on it to see if any issues have developed. This includes mitigating the risk of theft, as a reputable boatyard will ensure your equipment is kept safe and sound. Finally, there’s a benefit in letting the hull dry out over winter, which can prevent blister formation and is good for the vessel long-term.

What Are Typical Options?

Some opt to store their boats in their driveways or garages during the winter, but this takes up a ton of space and may mean your vessel is exposed to pests. Insects and rodents are going to look for warm places (like your boat) to nestle in. Not to mention that you run the risk of theft or damage.

Another common option is to keep your boat docked during the winter, one that boat owners and fishermen sometimes choose to do especially in warmer climates. This makes for easy access once the weather warms up, but comes with many of the drawbacks that self-storage does and isn’t advisable for anyone in climates with below freezing weather conditions. An ice eater is a must for anyone considering this!

Lastly, you can go with a professional boatyard, each of which has a different package that comes with different options. If you pick the right boatyard, however, you can be sure your boat will be properly treated and safely stored until the weather warms up again. It’s critical that you choose a yard experienced in blocking and storing boats because improperly blocked boats can suffer from hull damage and deformation or even fall over.

What About the Tidewater Package?

We’re proud to say that Tidewater Yacht Service offers a unique package that you just won’t find elsewhere. This package includes haul out, pressure washing, storage until April 1st, and launch of the boat afterward. Additionally, labor for prep and paint are included, a fantastic deal which makes this package an all-around steal.

As for the quality of our storage itself, our blocking plans meet or exceed the recommended standards. We use only solid wood blocking and Brownell adjustable jack stands with safety chains. Our crew has decades of experience blocking boats of every shape and size. Stands are checked weekly throughout the season to ensure nothing has shifted or loosened, meaning you can spend the winter months focusing on what’s important and not having to worry about how your vessel is being cared for.

Reach Out to Tidewater Today!

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