What to Know Before Choosing a Boat Cover

Boat Cover

The right boat cover can mean the difference from keeping your boat in pristine condition or not.

Purchasing a boat is a huge investment and, like any major investment, it’s one you want to protect and maintain its value. One such way to protect your boat is to take advantage of a boat cover, which can prevent the grime and dirt that comes with boating. Most boat covers are relatively inexpensive and, if you’re serious about keeping your boat protected, a basic necessity. Let’s break down a few of the basics of purchasing a boat cover to protect your cherished vessel.

Why Use a Boat Cover?

Some reasons behind a boat cover are obvious, like keeping out dirt and moisture. It’s also great for protecting against sunlight which can end up sapping color out of your carpets or even breaking down rubber components over time. Without a cover, all kinds of weirdness can happen, like animals sneaking in or even curious humans getting into your boat when they shouldn’t be. If you really want to protect your boat, there’s no question that a cover is one of the simplest, most affordable ways to do so.

Custom Vs. Universal Covers

When it comes to covers, you have two options: custom-fit covers or universal, generic models that are meant to fit whatever measurements are taken. Each option has their merits. A custom cover is created to the exact standards of whatever your model of boat is and can take every variable into account. The benefit of this is that it’s a tight fit without any looseness, which can offer more protection than the alternative. Custom covers also tend to be more expensive. On the other hand, universal covers tend to only take the centerline length and beam width of your boat into consideration. They may not be as functional but they do cost significantly less.

Measure Your Boat

To measure the centerline length, do so in a flat, straight line that goes from your bow tip to whatever the farther point aft is. If you have additional options you want to cover, like bow pulpits or trolling motors, add length to compensate. Measuring the beam width involves taking measures for the widest area of the boat. This is all you’ll need to know for a universal fit cover, but custom covers are much more in depth.

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