What You Can Do to Prepare Your Boat for Spring


If you haven’t begun already, it’s time to start thinking about how to ready your boat for spring.

Feeling that spring fever? Getting back onto the water is exciting, but dewinterizing and properly preparing are important tasks as well. Your spring tasks should include tune-ups, inspection, and doing a bit of spring cleaning to help prevent issues later on in the season. Our tips on how to properly prepare your boat for spring follow below.

Seasonal Prepping

While the weather is still a bit iffy, it’s a good time to take a boat safety course or, if you haven’t already, obtain a boating safety certificate. You’ll also want to take a look through all your owner’s manuals and read up on all kinds of maintenance guidelines that are good to keep in the back of your head. Whatever components or systems are onboard, now is as good a time as any to learn more about them.

Tune Up Your Boat

All of your safety equipment on board, from fire extinguishers, to flares, to first aid kits, should all be inspected. If necessary, repair or restock any of them, too. Take the time to inspect all of the lights on your vessel to make sure they are functioning properly. Take a look for any electrical issues, like loose, corroded, or disconnected conductors. Make sure your battery is properly secured as well. Finally, ensure there aren’t any leaks in your fuel tank. You can always schedule a free vessel safety check with the USCG Auxiliary.

Brush Up on Basics

Make sure you’re following all safe launching practices, including running your blower before you head out. You should pay close attention to your engine temperature so nothing overheats. Go over basic safety practices with any passengers that may be on board, especially children who may be unfamiliar.

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