What You Should Know About Your Seawater Impeller


Routine maintenance and a basic understanding of your impeller can help it last much longer.

A correctly installed seawater impeller can last for years but as any expert will tell you, it’s best to stick to a schedule of preventative maintenance to keep further problems from developing. The standard industry recommendation is to check your impeller’s condition whenever you perform winterization and around every 200 hours of operation. Regardless, eventually every impeller fails and it always seems to happen at the most inconvenient times. Carrying a spare onboard is a great way to keep yourself up and running but nonetheless, let’s take a look at some maintenance ideas as well as impeller replacement tips.

Checking Your Impeller

Checking for damage is relatively easy—simply close the thru-hull, remove the three-to-six end cover screws, and take off the cover and gasket.  Remove your impeller, take a look at the unit and take note of any obvious damage. Remember that the tips of the vanes should be rounded and there shouldn’t be any cracks or distortion. Try bending each vane, the rubber should be supple and return to its original shape.   If any pieces are missing, it is imperative to retrieve all of them; this may require disasemply of the heat exchangers and cooling system. It’s not uncommon for chunks of rubber to end up stuck in your heat exchanger or engine, reducing water flow and the cooling ability of the system.

Routine Maintenance

In addition to checking for damage, there’s some basic maintenance worth performing. Once you have your impeller removed, you can lubricate the impeller to prevent it from sticking to the pump housing and get better performance and, as a result, lifespan out of your impeller. At this time, you can also replace O-Rings or gaskets, take some time to clean bolt threads, and make sure everything is properly installed and functioning the way it should be.

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