What’s the Importance of Descaling a Marine Heat Exchanger?

Heat Exchanger

Scale buildup can reduce the overall efficiency and lifespan of your heat exchanger.

Operating in a marine environment presents a whole host of issues and considerations unique to boating—there are so many elements present that can cause deposits to build up, including calcium, barnacles, zebra mussels, and more. While your heat exchanger is a necessary part of keeping your boat’s engine functional, these deposits which build up over time can reduce the effectiveness of your heat exchanger and, ultimately, reduce the lifespan of your engine. It’s no wonder then that descaling a heat exchanger with the proper equipment is such a necessity.

What Benefits Do You Get From Descaling a Heat Exchanger?

Using a descaler to clean a heat exchanger can get rid of a number of deposits, increase efficiency, and reduce your overall fuel consumption. The scale build up can all be dissolved during the process, without doing any harm to the components within your heat exchanger.

How Can You Tell if Descaling Is Necessary?

Your heat exchanger is used to regulate temperature by transferring heat from the fresh water side of a cooling system to the seawater pumped through the tubing in the exchanger. Once scale builds up, it acts as an insulator and reduces how efficiently your heat exchanger performs. Typically, a heat exchanger is designed to work within a specific temperature range known as DT. This is the difference between the temperature going in and coming out of your heat exchanger. If your DT reduces and your equipment isn’t working as well as it once was, this may be because of scale—but it can also be caused by fouling or even mud.

Tidewater’s Process

Using our descaling solution circulation equipment, Tidewater can quickly and easily keep your engine’s cooling system operating in peak performance. Our equipment taps into the boats existing sea water hoses and circulates the cleaning solution throughout the system. With this method, there is no need to remove the heat exchangers from the engine and manually clean each tube, which is a very time consuming and expensive process.

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