Why Checking Shore Power Connections is Essential

Shore Power

Checking your shower power connections is always important, but especially so during the hot summer months.

This summer, as the weather heats up, we tend to place an even larger burden than typical on our electrical systems. This is because we’re blasting our air conditioners, stocking our fridges, and taking advantage of our battery charger more often since we tend to use our boats more during the hot weather. With all of the power you might be going through, it becomes imperative—more so than usual—that you check your shore power connection and make sure you are safely operating your boat.

Checking Connections

Shore power cables are big, thick wires that can go through plenty of wear and tear, but their connections can often undergo much more damage. This is because cables get kicked around, cords get plugged and unplugged, and the general wear over time brought about by marine conditions. In fact, the elements present in marine conditions can often make shore power connections dirty, creating resistance and slowly causing more and more heat. Eventually, this can cause a shore power cord to burn out and make the plastic melt.

Why Check Shore Power?

If left untreated, issues like this can lead to something as catastrophic as a marine fire. Imagine this scenario: you accidentally drop your shore power cord in the water, shake it off a bit, and plug it in. Over time, that saltwater will lead to corrosion. This causes resistance, which causes heat, which in time may cause enough heat to build up and burst into a flame. Other issues can cause this as well, such as connecting or disconnecting your power cord without turning the power off at the breaker.

What Can You Do?

To prevent such issues from impacting you, there are a few easy steps to follow. First, shut off your AC loads and the main breaker onboard your boat. Unplug the cord and check the connections for any discoloration. If you’re still uncertain, be sure to have an expert take a look at your shore power connection to guarantee that it’s in working order.

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