Electrical and Electronics

The Tidewater Yacht Service offers a comprehensive suite of marine electronic installation and repair services. Our technicians are ABYC-certified and National Marine Electronics Association qualified in both Advanced Electronics Installations and Advanced NMEA2000. We are experts at working with boats of every size and electrical need. If you don’t see the electric repair need you have listed below, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us today!

Electrical Services

Our range of electrical services include:

  • Electronics installation and repair
  • System networking
  • Shore power
  • Inverter installation
  • Batteries and battery banks
  • Solar power
  • Alternators
  • Regulators
  • Galvanic isolators
  • Distribution panels
  • Lightning protection
  • Running and cabin lights
  • Panel upgrades
  • Generator sales, service, and system integration
  • AC and DC electrical service
  • Correcting stray current and ground fault problems
  • New electrical system installations including rewiring and carpentry



Work with the Experts

Changing standards mean that you need to partner with an experienced and knowledgeable company for your electrical installation and repair. All of our installation and technician crews are factory-trained on a regular basis to provide you with the highest level of service for the oldest and newest technology. Since marine electrical repair is a specialized field, you should only trust someone who has years of experience working as a marine electrician. Wiring a house is completely different than wiring a boat, so never assume a residential electrician can get the job done.

Trying Isn’t Good Enough

Many yacht owners utilize inexpensive and inexperienced electricians to have their electrical work done. Unfortunately, there are countless workarounds that are hard for consumers to identify but easy for seasoned marine electricians to spot. Our electricians are ABYC certified and have years of experience to get the job done correctly and safely.

Ground Fault Repair

One of the most common errors we encounter is undiagnosed ground faults. In many cases, the first time boat owners find out about ground faults is when they attempt to plug them in at a new marina with the NEC-required ground fault protection breakers installed. This can lead to frustration and a ruined weekend, since a boat that seemed fine a few hours ago cannot plug into the shore power system.

Equipment Leakage Circuit Interrupter (ELCI) GFP are a specialized AC breaker designed to sense the presence of faults and automatically shut off the flow of electricity. ELCI’s are specifically designed to protect the equipment from leaking current as opposed to protecting from shock. The ABYC currently requires boats with new installations and major electrical upgrades to have ELCI protection, and we suggest that all vessels retrofit with ELCI.

If you have a ground fault in your electrical system, you need a specialized and experienced electrician to find and correct issues. Some common sources are water heater elements, household appliances that are not marine-rated, and second generation galvanic isolators. That being said, there are numerous causes that need a professional electrician to remedy.

Tidewater Yacht Service is the area leader when it comes to diagnosing and repairing these ground faults.

Garmin Authorized Marine Installer

As a Garmin Authorized Installer, our team has attended factory training to stay current on all the new equipment, installation practices, and networking requirements for their systems. Our sales team can assist you with planning and designing the perfect electronics suite for your vessel, and our technicians will install it to both ABYC and NMEA standards to ensure many years of trouble-free boating. Additionally, by choosing an authorized installer, Garmin will upgrade your warranty to 2 years ON BOARD which covers not only the unit itself, but the labor to send a technician to your vessel to perform the repair.

Marine Security Systems

Tidewater Yacht Services is also an authorized dealer for both Yacht Protector and GOST vessel monitoring systems. Keep your investment secure with live video, active countermeasures, alarms, remote systems monitoring and alerts, as well as stolen vessel tracking.

Lumishore Underwater Lighting

We are an authorized Lumishore dealer which provides underwater LED lighting solutions for the marine sector using proprietary LED technology for all sizes of boats–from RIBs to the world’s largest Super yachts. Light outputs are available from 1,100 to over 23,000 fixture lumens.

Electrical Services from Tidewater Yacht Service

Tidewater Yacht Service is dedicated to providing all of our boating customers with a comprehensive range of high-quality goods and services at competitive prices. We have the training, equipment, and personnel to address all of your needs and are proud to employ a skilled team of certified technicians, skilled craftsmen, and experienced staff.