10″ 450 Watt Sports Chrome Marine Subwoofer with LEDs


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SG-SL101SPC — Marine Subwoofer

Sports Chrome/Black 10″ Signature Series, 450 Watt

Defined low frequency bass can be the difference between a good audio system and a truly memorable entertainment experience. Introducing the FUSION Signature Series marine subwoofer, a carefully balanced blend of engineering brilliance and FUSION performance.

Taking True-Marine design techniques to the next level, the Signature Series delivers premium bass reproduction that reveals new depths of frequencies.

Comprising of a 10″ high tensile Fiberglass-paper composite cone driver, that produces a massive 450-Watts Max output; the Signature Series Subwoofer is undeniably the finest complement to any FUSION Marine Entertainment system.

Featuring Dual-Color diffused LED Lighting options that illuminate Striking Blue or Sparkling White to set the mood or start the party.


  • 450-Watts Max power — High Power yet stunningly defined, the Signature Series Subwoofer takes low frequency resonance to depths previously uncharted.
  • Fiberglass-Paper Composite Cone — Provides excellent self-damping, resolution and bass reproduction, for defined low frequency acoustics.
  • Large Diameter Voice Coil — Producing an increase in real power and efficiency, the voice coil provides a signature sound and wave rippling bass.
  • Sports Styled Grille — A structurally ridged True-Marine design for the ultimate cone protection, that delivers great looks to complement any vessel. Engineered for internal or external installation.
  • Dual-Color diffused LED Lighting option* — Select either a Striking Blue or Sparkling White LED illumination for your speaker cone to add instant appeal that will energize your boating experience. *Color determined on wiring polarity at installation.